Women's Jackets

You can count on Passenger's women's jackets and coats for your outdoor adventures. Keeping you warm when you’re out enjoying life in the outdoors and made from responsibly sourced materials, they keep you comfortable and help protect the environment. Explore nature, brave the rain in our waterproof styles, or simply seek everyday comfort with our women's jackets.

Outdoor Jackets for Women

Our women’s jackets are made from recycled and organic materials and combine comfort with responsible practices. Plus, for every order, we plant a tree to help protect rainforests, wildlife and indigenous communities all over the world.

Comfortable and Responsibly Made

At Passenger, we offer a range of outdoor clothing designed for women and men who love the outdoors. Our collection is perfect for various activities like hiking, camping, or even cosy indoor days. Our gear ismade with recycled and organic materials, so you can feel good about wearing it while exploring nature.


Q: What types of jackets and coats does Passenger offer for women?

A: Passenger offers a diverse range of women's jackets and coats, including waterproof options, insulated jackets, and water-resistant jackets suitable for various weather conditions and outdoor activities.

Q: What materials are Passenger's women's jackets and coats made from?

A: Our women's jackets and coats are carefully crafted from a blend of responsibly-sourced materials, including recycled and organic fabrics. This ensures both comfort and environmental mindfulness.

Q: Do your jackets and coats have a specific fit?

A: Our jackets and coats are designed for a comfortable and relaxed fit. This allows for ease of movement, making them suitable for various outdoor activities and everyday wear. We recommend sizing down for a closer fit.

Q: Are plus sizes available for Passenger's women's jackets and coats?

A: Our women's jackets and coats range from XS to XXL in size, ensuring that everyone can find a comfortable and stylish fit for their next adventure.

Q: How should I clean and care for my Passenger's jacket or coat?

A: To care for your Passenger jacket or coat, we recommend turning it inside out and washing it with cold water using a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners and wash similar colours together. To maintain the fabric's quality, consider air drying or using a low-heat dryer setting when necessary.